Leg training is a very good exercise for you. It shapes your body and give you strength. Thick and soft mid-sole running shoes are not a good choice because they often reduce your balance and un-necessarily strain the nerve and tendon systems in your feet. Experienced trainers prefer squatting, deadlifting, or practicing yoga and Pilates, with bare feet or socks because their balance is better. However socks, feet and mats become dirty and slippery, therefore reducing traction during training and increasing the work your feet must do to compensate for this lack of traction. Aren’t you tired of working harder than you need to during training? What if there are a real shoes that can help you change all this?
Xtreme Kinetic Minimal Shoes are seamlessly 3D knitted using fly knit technology and feature thin anti-slip out-soles underneath. They feel just like socks but are much more durable and tougher. Xtreme Kinetic Minimal Shoes provide the stability, balance and gripping power you need to keep your feet on the ground. This helps improve posture for squats and deadlifts, and is also ideal for yoga and Pilates. Improved grip, balance and stability also minimizes the chance of injuring your knees and feet. These shoes feel like the closest thing to training with bare feet, and at the same time help you feel in control. Say goodbye to terrible plastic molded shoes for a lighter, more breathable and comfortable option. Xtreme Kinetic Minimal Shoes will also help minimise sweaty and dirty feet when training. You can also wash Xtreme Kinetic Minimal Shoes in your washing machine to help maintain foot hygiene
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Please do check your size before you buy. If you are in doubt you can send us the dimensions (length and width) of your feet and we will determine your correct size.

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Wash separately in cold water with gentle detergent regularly. Do not bleach. Air dry. Do not iron. Recommend for indoor training only. Misuse or excessive use may cause damage to shoes.
Q & A:
Q: Would the sole fall off after washing or exercising?
A: No, it won’t if you follow the instructions above. They are just like normal shoes.
Q: What materials are used in the shoes? Are they safe to wear?
A: The shoes are 3D knitted seamlessly with polyester, and the out-sole is anti-slip TPR (thermoplastic rubber),
Q: Why would I wear these shoes when I can wear socks?
A: Xtreme Kinetic minimal shoes are specially designed for indoor sports training purposes. They are made from resilient and strong supportive materials and yet feel light and good because they help maintain your stability, grip and balance. Socks do not offer enough support and grip when you are training hard and tend to become slippery but the Xtreme Kinetic minimal shoes are designed to help you maintain your grip on the mat or floor. You will feel the difference when you put the shoes on. They are also suitable for outdoor activities like walking and wearing on the beach.”

2018 Melbourne Design Awards

patent number: 201712500

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